If you want to increase the capacity of your workforce then Omni is driven to provide you with certainty.

Omni Asia is a vocational education and training (VET) specialist in Myanmar. We invest in projects, initiatives, people and communities in order to build capacity within this emerging economy. We bring like-minded people together with regional local partners in order to responsibly service the Oil & Energy, mining, construction, hydropower, transport and logistics and infrastructure sectors with training services in Myanmar.

The Omni team has been operating globally since 2011. We have been conducting training services in Myanmar since 2014 and to this point we have trained over 500 Myanmar workers for large multi-national companies in courses ranging from Defensive Driving and First-aid to Basic Risk Management, Fire Extinguisher Training and Training & Assessment.

Omni has brought together a team of well-credentialed experts in vocational training and education with extensive industry relevant experience in mining, logistics, geology, construction and risk management.

Our accredited and non-accredited courses are designed to maximise outcomes in order to enable our students and your workforce to meet the needs of their chosen industry. Our courses are conducted in both Myanmar and English and our instructors and trainers include both Australian trainers qualified to Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment and Omni trained Myanmar nationals.

Omni Asia currently conducts vocational training & education throughout Australia and SE Asia. We build community capacity in the fields of exploration, operating plant and equipment, security, workplace health, training and assessment, management and risk management. Our organisation currently undertakes projects in Australia, Madagascar, Myanmar and the Philippines and therefore we are well positioned to ensure our training courses are best-practice, consistently up-to-date and industry relevant.

Omni Asia has the proven track record and depth of experience to work with you to assist you with the training of your workforce, the success of your operations and the safety of your personnel and assets throughout Myanmar.

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